SystemSplendid is a project management tool, that will guide you throughout your project – no matter business, seize or the character of your project.

Do you have a need for a tool, that are designed to make a quick and easy overview of your project – then this system is for you! Agreement Consulting is the provider of the system called SystemSplendid, this system is created to make your project more structured.

The system is built, so that any user can handle it. When developed the main focus, was on making this system as user-friendly as possible – so that anyone can use it without any problems. This makes the system very efficient, because its users easy can access documents and share their knowledge with other users on the platform, working on the same project.

To make the system as user-friendly as possible, the system was created with the motto based on “Keep it simple” This is to ensure that the system is so simple, so that anyone can use it. We want to create a platform for everyone in the company – not only the management. The system is a communication-based platform, that are created to accommodate many users. The system has a function, that allows the administrator of the platform, to secure documents and knowledge in different levels – so that the users don’t have access to every document on the platform. This function can be used, if necessary.

SystemSplendid is so flexible that you can use it to all sorts of tasks – everything from project management to administrations tool. This is, whether it’s a simple or complex assignment.

Whether your company is small, medium or large, you have the possibility to share your knowledge, document and communicate with each other – no matter subject, company division or geographic differences. When using our system all of the task above, will be simplified and therefore save the company for a lot of “lost time”. The only thing that is needed with SystemSplendid, is a connection to the internet – and you will feel as if you were at the office, with an efficient communication at all time.

Have a look at our webpage and get wiser towards why this system would be perfect, for you and your project.