Construction- and Project management

In our consultant company Agreement Consulting, we have used this solution for many years, to solve contracting jobs, project management and building consultancy of many sorts. Because of this, we have a clear knowledge to what is necessary, to manage constructions jobs like these and what a system is supposed to offer any users within this subject.

Therefor the idea of a project tool was created, to give project managers a system to simplify the process.

Construction management is an important factor in a project. On the platform you will be able, to always have the needed view of your project, communication with your employees as well as customers and to make sure there is an optimal sharing of important knowledge, so that your project in the best way can achieve the best quality.

With SystemSplendid you will be able to structure your project management, include the specific professionals there should be involved in the concerned process in the project. Therefor you will optimize the communication and create a fast efficiency of the project.

We are professionals within this business and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, so contact us under the contact formula – if you should be in doubt about what the system can contribute with, to your project.

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