Project management

As the management, it is a necessity to always have a view over the project. A successful project is structured, have an efficient communication and therefor the working hours in the project will be optimized. Your project will be limited by unnecessary work tasks, in the addition to bad structure and lost overview.

SystemSplendid is a tool that will make sure that you can use your time as efficient as possible, you can open your platform at any given time, wherever you are located, this will ensure you and your project. The documents on the platform will never get “lost” so you can always check any documents even years after your project ended. If you are in the construction business, this can be of use for the buildings future and ensure that by e.g. renovation the company working on it can locate helpful documents to simplify the process.

If needed you can have several platforms at the same time, for different projects. Therefor you will always be the manager of people’s insight on the project. You can give the users on the platform different insight by given them different levels – so you can always give other administrators the opportunity to help you manage your platform and be a part of the responsibility.

SystemSplendid simplifies the work for you as the leader, but also for your employees. The employee has the insight the management has decided, this reassures that the employee always has access to the platform and can seek relevant knowledge, documents and view earlier historic on the project or whatever the task requires. This will reduce wasted time for both parts, the management won’t have to send documents out among the employees and the employee will be able, with just a few clicks to locate whatever file he/she is needed, and the employee will never have to contact the management and make a request to files, that is needed. The management will save time and the employee will feel a bigger sense of freedom.

SystemSplendid will secure all your documents

So, reduce your wasted time with a safe, easy and super structured project management system, for your self and your employees.