Further information

We have listed several other relevant information’s here under.


We offer telephone assistance all weekdays from 8.am. – 5.pm. Furthermore, we will answer all e-mails every given day. If you have any special wishes, we will be able to adjust our support with an intern agreement.

Follow up:

When you are a customer of SystemSplendid, you will experience that we wish for you to have the best utilization of our system. Therefor we will have an ongoing dialog, if this is something you as a customer wishes to, so that we ensure the best possible conditions for you and your employees. We want to ensure that the usefulness and functions in the system is meeting your expectations and that you know how to exploit every aspect of the system, to make the processes of your project easier for you.


When you are a customer, one of our benefits for you is our service. You will never be charged for our external service – you will be able to call us, if you need anything or want to discuss something about your platform, upgrade some functions or whatever you need. If we have any upgrades in our system that are implemented while you are a customer, we will contact you and discuss if these are some that you wish to upgrade in your system as well.

If we do upgrade some necessary factors in the system, we will always make sure to let our customers know before we do so and try to run these upgrades when our customers don’t use the system to much e.g. in the night time.

Package solutions and prices:

We offer following packages: Light, Light-plus, Medium, Complete and Complete-plus.

Our package versions will be continuously developed, to make sure that we offer the functions that you need. Therefor there can occur price changes. By agreements that’s already made, price change will only be able to occur ones a year. Find more information of our package solutions by clicking here.

Introduction, learning and education:

When you become a customer, we will make sure to offer introduction of our system as well as learning and education available in addition to your needs and what package solution you choose. Our biggest interest is to make sure that you and your employees, make the most of our system and will choose to use our system in new projects to come. Before you become a customer, you will receive an offer from us that will cover your needs for your project, we will be able to evaluate this, by the information you have given us about your needs and the character of your project. In this offer we will indicate the amount of introduction, learning and education that’s needed. You will always be able to contact us, if you wish to make an agreement about extra education for your employees, this could be e.g. if you get new employees or new collaborators.


There are more methods to access the system. You can make a link from your own webpage or your project webpage, we will be able to integrate this in the system with further functions. You can also use our login webpage; this page is located several places. One is the page here, you will find the login icon in the right corner at the top.

If you have any questions to the described above, you are more than welcome to contact us, by clicking here.