In General

Sharing knowledge, documentation and communication can be many things. SystemSplendid is a flexible system, that creates exactly what you project needs, because you choose your own structure of the system. Its difficult to present all of the systems many functions, here on our webpage. Therefor we recommend you to contact us, so we can have a dialog and we can present our system through an internal presentation and give you more insight in what our system can offer you. You can find our contact information by clicking here.


Here is a selection of some of the systems many functions:

  • You can as project administrator insert authority boundaries for the other users, these can out from their level in the system, upload different kinds of documents, files, photos and videos.
  • When there is activity in the system, the system can alert different users by e-mail or text messages and of course in the system as well.
  • All activities in the system is saved in the project history, so the users always can retrace different uploads and other activities.
  • You can use SystemSplendid as a separate project or you can use the bigger package version, here you can create new projects.
  • If you have more than one project in the system, these will be filed in the menu – Here you can choose which project you want to enter, you will be able to easily jump from one project to another.
  • When the package solution is determined, there will be enough space for the data amount to the concerned project. This will ensure, that there will be no hidden surprises during the process.
  • When the project is over, you can request a project owner shift, so that you can offer your customers a copy of the platform and all off its documents (the project history). The agreements that is uploaded in the system is legally binding on equal terms, as for example a hardcopy agreement form.
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