About SystemSplendid

The system unites knowledge sharing, documentation and communication in a useful way. Our system is so flexible that no matter the projects seize or character, the system will create the best base for the project and thereby deliver a corporation platform for intern and extern users, that are assigned the project.

iStock_000016447395MediumWhy SystemSplendid

The neceesity of having a useful project management tool, has never been bigger.It’s a fact that the projects succes is linked to the handling of the project, here overview, management and proffessional skills. Neverthless there are still examples on projects big as small, where the solutions isnt done appropiate after the agreements and expectations, that the management set up from the beginning. In these cases the same problems oftens recur – issues as communication, the processes and quality of the project – this will cause negative influence on the profitability on the project.

Therfore the overview was lost and the projectgroup couldn’t stop or change the fatale decisions and project direction. The projects that had a project mangement system, was more likely to have a economic reporting system or program that visuelly gave a view of numbers of days or ressources. These systems was more seen as a burden by the projectgroup than as an possibility of a useful work tool.

Agreement Consulting that is the company behind SystemSplendid, Registered through our many consultant jobs that there were missing a “tool” for the project groups. With the knowledge through our work, SystemSplendid was developed and launched, several years ago.

Today the system is well developed. The system reveals the relations and creates a solid and useful managerial platform between the people on the project, no matter professions- and business divisions or geographic placement. The usefulness is for all the involved in the project and thereby SystemSplendid can lift the project through the efficient communication and create a base where everybody can reach the “goal” within the processes, time, quality and economy on the project. A former wish from project managers, business owners and customers – is now available with  SystemSplendid.

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